Muscle Car History: Chevrolet Camaro, Second Generation (1970-1981)

After only three years of career, the Camaro is already replaced. The style was radically changed, and this model lasted until the early 80s. It is with this version that Chevrolet will be ahead of the Mustang for the first time.

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If the camaro the first generation has distinguished itself by its success and some of its versions entered in the legend, the second is probably the one that has most marked by its style. It was this generation that would forge the appearance of the lineage until the early 2000s. Long body line, large grille at the end of the plunging hood, framed by its headlights at the end of the wings, rear leak, lack of guard glass… Still using the same technical base as Nova, the Camaro is now on the move, but will offer the T-Top optional depending on the year such as the GPS navigation infotainment system for future generations.

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